The PayPal partner solutions directory

PayPal is already integrated into most major ecommerce solutions—so getting started or upgrading is easy. Explore our directory of trusted business solutions.

An illustration of PayPal point of sale system solutions

eCommerce stores

From designing your website to setting up payment processing, get your online store up and running quickly with our eCommerce platform partners.

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Sell your products, subscriptions or services on the most popular marketplaces online on the web.

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Accounting systems

Better manage your billing, invoicing, inventory, taxes, and more with accounting solution partners.

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In-person payment integration

Whether you do business in-store or on-the-go, there’s a POS and QR code solution provider that matches your business needs.

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Business operations

Quickly and easily build forms to receive payments, accept donations, conduct customer surveys, generate sales leads, and more.

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Developers and system integrators

Work with technical experts to help build your web platform and integrate customer applications.

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