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Many ways to make a difference

Donate money to charity at checkout

Set your favorite charity and donate $1 when you check out with PayPal.

Give locally and globally

We help you donate money to support charities and fundraisers close to your heart.

Raise money for just about anybody

Raise money for friends, family, or a local business in need of a boost with PayPal Fundraisers.

Support a charity of your choice

Connect with 1.4M+ charities that focus on the environment, animals, disaster relief, mental health, and more.

Secure donations

We vet each charity on our platform. This way, you can rest assured that your donation supports a trustworthy cause.

How to create a fundraiser

Lend a hand or find support with PayPal Fundraisers.

Raise money

Raise funds for yourself, someone else, a group, or a charity.

Name your fundraiser

Then set a goal amount and end date.

Tell the story in your own words

Give the details and upload an image before you publish.

Share your fundraiser

Text, DM, or post your fundraiser on social to help spread the word.

Give for good

From local causes to global efforts, join the millions of others that donate with PayPal. Give through the PayPal app, at checkout, through a fundraiser, and more.

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