Accelerate growth with a flexible payments ecosystem

One integration

Connect your business to other payment service providers (PSP), vendors, and other Braintree merchants without separate integration.

Expand your ecosystem

Securely share transaction and payment data with other processors and PCI-compliant recipients to create innovative, customized experiences.

Optimize payments

Reduce costs and boost auth rates by dynamically routing and retrying failed transactions across your PSP ecosystem.

Connect to multiple payment service providers

Save time and reduce technical debt by connecting to multiple PSP through a single integration. We cover your processing needs, whether you use Braintree or an external PSP.

Expand globally

Access more markets and offer local payment methods while driving auth rates and saving on cross-border fees. Braintree's industry partnerships and technical capabilities let you accept local cards around the world without managing multiple integrations.

Optimize processing and transaction retries

Drive auth rates and lower costs by using our optimization engine to dynamically route transactions. If a transaction is declined, we’ll route it to another payment processor for a successful authorization.

Create redundancy and backup vaults

Maintain global vault freshness by consistently sharing updated payments data stored in your Braintree vault with your own proprietary vault or a third-party service. By using primary and secondary vaults for redundancy, you’re covered in case of failure.

Create seamless commerce experiences

Expand your eCommerce ecosystem by offering additional products and services on your site. On the backend, securely share your stored payments data with other Braintree merchants or PCI-compliant endpoints.

Access third-party services

Drive acquisition, engagement, and revenue by connecting to external providers of your choice for loyalty, rewards, and fraud.

  • Offer tailored rewards and loyalty perks with a unified view of customer data stored in one centralized vault

  • Leverage PSP machine-learning capabilities to identify risky transactions and fight fraud

PayPal + Adobe

PayPal helped Adobe synergize its backend and enhance the customer experience

“From my past experiences, I knew that orchestration was the fastest path to unlocking new opportunities that help accelerate and maximize customer retention and approval rates. To simplify and enhance our systems, we gathered a team of all-star providers and acquirers.”

—Matt Wegner, Vice President of Payments and Risk, Adobe

Find out how payment orchestration drives results

We’re here to help you expand your ecosystem, connect to new solutions, and thrive in today’s digital commerce landscape.