PayPal business solutions

Smart, trusted payment solutions built for growth.

Drive conversion with an all-in-one payments platform fueled by 430+ million active accounts.

A complete payments platform for businesses of all sizes

Small businesses

Accept payments securely, explore cards and loans, and streamline business operations through one platform.

Enterprise solutions

Evolve your business with end-to-end payment processing, risk management, and commerce tools customized to fit your needs.

All-in-one capabilities built with your business in mind

From card processing and POS systems to fraud management and marketing, we have the tools your business needs to thrive.

Grow with our data-rich network

Access conversion tools powered by data from our global network of 430+ million active accounts and the 5 billion cards stored in our payments vault.

Optimize and manage risk

Stay in control of your business with tools that help you manage fraud, minimize declines, and more—without any additional integration.

Simplify your payments setup

Reduce complexity as you grow with a provider that can connect you to all global payment systems and offer solutions that go beyond payments.

Integrated with partner solutions

Connect PayPal with most popular eCommerce platforms, accounting tools, and more.

Invest in smart innovation

Boost your business strategy with proactive, machine-learning tools that lead to engaging shopping experiences for your customers.

Drive conversion with the payment options your customers prefer

Discover how businesses drive growth with us

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We support businesses just like yours

Every business needs the right tools to grow. From secure payment processing to helpful business insights, we’ve got you covered.